You too can generate awesome audio with the NEW! John Micheal Jar from Captain Credible's Audio Machinery. John Micheal Jar is great for weddings!, you can even keep John Micheal Jar in a special box that you can order from us! Impress and electrocute your freinds! Melt your own face! Eat lots of suger cubes and go apeshit! All that for the crrrraaazy price of 200nok (+shipping)

The synthersizer is controlled entirely with light so no musical knowledge or experience is needed. you dont even strictly need arms, or even ears. Just plug it in and let John Micheal Jar do the magic!


- conveniently runs off 9V battery

- entirely controlled by light

- 1/4 inch jack output plugs straight into your guitar amp

- ON/OFF switch

- LED power indicator

- non flammable exterior

- optional guitar strap attatchment  

Captain Credible is Daniel Eugene Lacey-McDermott


Fantasy Mansion

releases June 23, 2017.

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NEW Christmas track 2016

Ravé Maria

Forest Moon Music Video

Dead Cats Coming Oct2015

on Metronomicon Audio

New EP out NOW!!!1

Lern 2 make yr own gnarly synths!

New VST ploggin!

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