According to wikipedia:

"VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is an interface for integrating software audiosynthersizers and effectplugins with audio editors and hard-disk recording systems."

  But thats not true. In fact VSTplugins are little pieces of cloth that you download through the runescape servers of the skies. They are precision milled by an army of miniature children so they fit inbetween the fanblades of your pooter. Millions of years of research has gone into these VSTs! remember not to peel the plastic film off though! It's there to protect you from the radioactive core!

Add the sliky soft orbs of vascular strombosis 9 to any mix to give it that extra plip.

Download here

Download here


The Ridiculous Mangling Machine v2

Make your beats pay for being so crap at being awesome.

Download here

"Crapsynth2" Next gen crap synth that seamlessly integrates with your DAW. Just when you thought synth couldn't get any crapper... ehm.. it did! Crapsynth2 is a next generation neutron spectrometronic modeling regenesis synthesizer. It boasts 1 utterly crap minimum-coding-oscillator and some other knobs that might not be connected properly.

Team C4p741n Cr3d18L3 faithfully

cracks his own plugins for you

cheap basterds.

Download here

The ninth gate xtal! you have founded it! Congratulation!!1 You are the gate master!

it is written here

"ADSRmute" is a mute button, but with an adsr envelope. If you're confused then just don't bother, its not very exciting, its just occasionally rather useful. Recieve your copy here


This is a set of tools specifically intended for the SM PRO AUDIO V-Machine. It's a workaround for some of the shortcomings of the software editor. This pack lets you Bypass fx, x-fade, send dry audio through the v-machine and move clouds with your mouse!

Asplode! genuine 100% Audio asplodenator!!

physical modelling simulation of real asplosion.

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VST Plugins


Fantasy Mansion

releases June 23, 2017.

Preorder here

Planck Midi/CV controller register interest here

More info on Planck here

NEW Christmas track 2016

Ravé Maria

Forest Moon Music Video

Dead Cats Coming Oct2015

on Metronomicon Audio

New EP out NOW!!!1

Lern 2 make yr own gnarly synths!

New VST ploggin!

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Does stuff you never realized you needed to do to your audio and leaves half the wavecycle untouched while the other half is replaced by purest noise.